This page may be used to get up and running with the HoneyTrap framework.

Installing HoneyTrap Server

Playing with HoneyTrap is the easiest by starting the Docker image. The image is automatically being built by the continuous integration of our master branch.

Install Docker and Docker Compose

The installation of HoneyTrap is relying on Docker and Docker Compose. Useful information for installing these applications can be found in this section.

Setup the prerequisites

In order to start the installation, the are some prerequisites you have to comply with. All necessary inforamtion can be found in this section.

Run Docker Compose

This step will explain the necessary steps you need to take in order to run the Docker Compose.

Start the HoneyTrap Agent

Finally, this section describes how the HoneyTrap Agent can be connected to the HoneyTrap Server.

What’s next