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Documentation for using and learning about HoneyTrap.

HoneyTrap Documentation

HoneyTrap documentation can help you set up HoneyTrap, learn about the system, or get your applications and workloads running on HoneyTrap. To learn the basics of what HoneyTrap is and how it works, read “What is HoneyTrap”.

Getting started

The Setup page might help you get HoneyTrap up and running.



If you want to extend existing services or creating new, you’ll probably find the Development section helpful.


HoneyTrap is actively being maintained, developed and supported by DutchSec.

About DutchSec

DutchSec’s mission is to safeguard the evolution of technology and therewith humanity. By delivering groundbreaking and solid, yet affordable security solutions we make sure no people, companies or institutes are harmed while using technology. We aim to make cyber security available for everyone.

Our team consists of boundary pushing cyber crime experts, grey hat hackers and developers specialized in big data, machine learning, data- and context driven security. By building open source and custom-made security tooling we protect and defend data, both offensively and proactively.

We work on the front line of security development and explore undiscovered grounds to fulfill our social (and corporate) responsibility. We are driven by the power of shared knowledge and constant learning, and hope to instigate critical thinking in all who use technology in order to increase worldwide safety. We therefore stimulate an open culture, without competition or rivalry, for our own team, as well as our clients.

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